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ใต้ เงา ตะวัน (Tai Ngao Tawan) is a popular Thai TV drama that has been captivating audiences since its first episode. Episode 7 of the series, like the others before it, explores the complex relationships between the main characters and adds new twists and turns to the plot. In this article, we’ll delve into the drama of episode 7 of ใต้ เงา ตะวัน and explore what makes this series so captivating.

The Plot of Episode 7

Episode 7 of ใต้ เงา ตะวัน picks up where the previous episode left off, with the two main characters, Nira and Awatsaya, meeting in a park. Awatsaya is still heartbroken over the end of her relationship with Kongpop, while Nira struggles with his own feelings for her. However, before they can discuss their emotions any further, they are interrupted by the arrival of Awatsaya’s brother Teepob, who warns her that Kongpop is on his way to see her.

This sets off a series of events that lead to Nira and Awatsaya growing closer, as they both turn to each other for support in their time of need. They share a sweet moment together, but their moment is short-lived as they’re interrupted by the arrival of Kongpop.

Kongpop, still in love with Awatsaya, attempts to win her back with a grand gesture. However, Awatsaya has moved on and asks him to leave her alone. This causes Kongpop to spiral further into desperation and he turns to Nira for help.

As the episode progresses, we see Nira attempting to help Kongpop navigate his feelings for Awatsaya while also trying not to let his own feelings for her get in the way. Meanwhile, Awatsaya struggles with her growing feelings for Nira and the guilt she feels over leaving Kongpop behind.

The drama reaches a climax when Awatsaya’s father, who disapproves of her relationship with Nira, threatens to ruin his reputation if they continue to see each other. With their relationship on the line, Nira and Awatsaya are forced to make a difficult choice.

Exploring the Drama

One of the reasons why ใต้ เงา ตะวัน is so popular is because of its ability to explore the complexities of human emotion. The drama is centered around the relationships between the main characters, and the writers have done an excellent job of creating dynamic, multi-layered characters that are relatable to audiences.

Throughout episode 7, we see the characters struggle with their emotions and navigate difficult situations. We see them go from moments of happiness to moments of extreme sadness, and the actors do an incredible job of conveying these emotions to the audience.

The drama also explores some important themes such as love, loyalty, and betrayal. We see the characters grapple with their feelings of love for each other while also trying to remain loyal to their friends and family. We also see the consequences of betrayal and what happens when trust is broken.

The cinematography in ใต้ เงา ตะวัน is also worth mentioning. The show has stunning visuals that bring the story to life. The use of colors, lighting, and camera angles work together to create a visually captivating experience for the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I watch ใต้ เงา ตะวัน episode 7?

A: You can watch the show on watchlakorn.com.

Q: How many episodes are in ใต้ เงา ตะวัน?

A: There are a total of 15 episodes.

Q: Who are the main characters in the show?

A: The main characters are Nira, Awatsaya, Kongpop, and Teepob.

Q: Is season 2 of ใต้ เงา ตะวัน confirmed?

A: There has been no official announcement regarding a season 2.


In conclusion, episode 7 of ใต้ เงา ตะวัน is a prime example of the excellent drama and storytelling that the show is known for. The complex relationships between the characters make for a compelling viewing experience, and the show’s ability to explore human emotion and relationships is what makes it so popular with audiences. If you’re a fan of Thai drama, ใต้ เงา ตะวัน is definitely worth checking out.

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