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There has been controversy surrounding Khalil Azad’s death since his body was found floating face down in Crystal Lake last July. The Robbinsdale Police claim that the 24-year-old drowned, but his family has disputed this, stating that he knew how to swim. Autopsy reports show bruises and injuries all over Azad’s body, indicating he may have been brutally killed. Newly released Khalil Azad autopsy photos have sparked even more speculation, with some people on social media accusing the police of murder. The pictures show that Azad’s body was full of scratch and bite marks, suggesting foul play. The family and community have demanded a proper investigation into his death, including the release of all body-cam footage and prosecutions of those involved. A vigil was recently held in Crystal Lake to honor Azad’s life and to call for justice. Follow with soyouthinkyoucandance.vn !

What recent information is there on Khalil Azad’s autopsy?

Khalil Azad was stopped by the Robbinsdale Police Department on July 2, 2022, but he fled into the woods of Crystal Lake, away from the officers, despite being unarmed. Azad had a warrant and had experienced police brutality from this department in the past, so he was understandably frightened. Several police officers and K-9 units pursued him. Sadly, on July 5th, 2022, a homeless man found Khalil’s dead body floating upside down on the shores of Crystal Lake. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Khalil’s identity later that day and listed freshwater drowning as the cause of death. However, the Khalil Azad autopsy photos suggest a different story.

Reports suggest that Khalil Azad’s family and the Black Lives Matter community in Minnesota are claiming that the Robbinsdale Police Department’s brutality led to the death of the 24-year-old. The police officers stated that they attempted to make a DWI traffic stop on July 3, 2022, in the early morning. However, the driver did not stop and a pursuit ensued. Eventually, the car stopped on the 3900 block of Lakeland Avenue North when the driver lost control. Allegedly, the man riding in the car fled on foot and was never caught. Further details will be provided in the following section.

Nevertheless, a lifeless body was discovered lying face down in the Crystal River and was identified as Khalil Azad, who had fled the police pursuit. People are mourning his death and are seeking answers about the cause of his passing. However, the exact cause of death remains a mystery, and it has not yet been revealed. The Robbinsdale Police Department has stated that Azad likely drowned, as indicated by the postmortem reports. However, his family has disputed this, asserting that he knew how to swim. The police also claimed that Azad fled on foot when they attempted to interrogate him, and this was the last time anyone saw him. His passing has raised numerous questions in people’s minds, and we offer our deepest sympathies to his family. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

What Has Been Happening to Khalil Azad?

The Khalil Azad autopsy photos reveal a horrifying image of police brutality inflicted upon him. The autopsy reports depict bruises and injuries all over his face and body, with the victim’s body fully decomposed in the pictures. Khalil’s jaws were dislocated, his nose and back were shattered, and his dreadlocks were torn off from his scalp, along with his eyes.

The victim’s family disputes the medical examination reports, stating that Khalil knew how to swim and that a 6-foot man could not have drowned in a shallow 2 feet of water. Many are drawing parallels between this incident and other victims of police brutality, such as Emmett Till, Tyree Nichols, and Rodney King. The BLM Minnesota community is demanding the release of all body-cam footage and the prosecution of the officers and medical examiners involved in Khalil Azad’s death.

Khalil Azad Body: What Happened To Him?

Khalil Azad’s body was found floating face down in Crystal Lake last July, but the cause of his death remains unknown. While police claim that he drowned, his family disputes this, as Azad was a swimmer. He was pulled over by Robbinsdale Police two days before his death, and allegedly fled on foot during questioning. His body was discovered with scratch and bite marks, suggesting foul play.

Newly released photos of his body have raised suspicions of police involvement in his death, and social media users have accused the police of murder. A vigil was held in his honor in Crystal Lake, with the Minnesota community calling for a proper investigation into his death.

How do Khalil Azad’s family members respond?

Khalil Azad’s family members, along with students and activists, have been actively protesting for justice for Khalil. They gathered outside U.S. Bank Stadium before marching to the Hennepin Government Center, chanting Khalil’s name and carrying signs demanding justice. Ayisha Johnson, Azad’s sister, stated that Khalil was her best friend, and the family has questioned the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s determination that Azad died due to “freshwater drowning,” citing the autopsy photos as evidence that “there’s something that needs to be done.” Despite police reports that Khalil fled the scene after hitting a tree during a traffic stop, his family and supporters are pushing for further investigation into his death.

Video Khalil Azad Autopsy Photos

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