Montgomery high school stabbing Video

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Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, California is dealing with the aftermath of a deadly classroom stabbing that took place on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. The incident involved three male students, two of which were injured, and the other, a 16-year-old boy, tragically lost his life. The mother of one of the injured boys, Maria Cervantes, claims that school officials could have prevented the tragedy from happening. She revealed that there had been an ongoing issue between the boys, and that she had raised concerns about the safety of her son and other students to school officials. Cervantes also shared that the school had alerted her about violence and tension between the older students and the 15-year-old freshman suspect, who had also slashed tires on the car of the victim just last week. In the wake of the tragedy, the school district is reviewing safety needs across its district to ensure the safety of students and staff. So Montgomery high school stabbing Video ? Follow with soyouthinkyoucandance.vn !

Montgomery high school stabbing Video

Montgomery high school stabbing Video

A cellphone video obtained by The Press Democrat depicts a fistfight that broke out on Wednesday between two students at Montgomery High School, a 15-year-old freshman and a 16-year-old junior, which subsequently led to the fatal stabbing of the older student.

  • The video, lasting for nine seconds, captures the two boys exchanging blows in one corner of the classroom.
  • In the footage, a third person intervenes, and the two boys are separated as the junior moves away towards the door.
  • However, according to the police, the fight resumed shortly after, and the freshman took out a folding knife with a 4- to 5-inch blade, stabbing the older boy three times in the upper torso.
  • The victim, identified as Jayden Jess Pienta, 16, of Santa Rosa, died despite initial treatment on the school premises and later at the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.
  • Another 16-year-old junior, who was also involved in instigating the fight, was stabbed in the hand.
  • The police found the 15-year-old suspect, who had fled from the classroom, about 40 minutes later, a mile north of the campus, and took him into custody without incident.
  • The school officials announced that classes were canceled on Wednesday and would not resume until the following Monday.
  • Both the Montgomery campus and the Church of the Roses would remain open to provide mental health support, meals, learning activities, and other services to students and staff from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Students and staff requiring support are encouraged to come to campus, but it will not be a school day, and classes will not be conducted.
  • Furthermore, the Santa Rosa City Schools Wellness Center on Lewis Road would offer comparable services.

Update Montgomery high school stabbing

Maria Cervantes, the mother of one of the teenagers involved in a fatal classroom stabbing at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, expressed her belief that the school could have done more to prevent the incident.

Update Montgomery high school stabbing
Montgomery high school stabbing Video
  • Cervantes said that the problems between the students were ongoing and that she had raised concerns about the safety of her child and others with the school three weeks prior to the stabbing.
  • The district had assured her that the conflict would be handled, but the incident still occurred, resulting in the death of her son’s best friend.
  • The suspect had also slashed the tires of the deceased victim’s car just a week before the stabbing.
  • Jayden’s family and Cervantes believe that the school did not do enough to mitigate the conflict between the students and that they failed to document or notify parents of previous incidents.
  • The school district released a statement saying that they are reviewing safety needs across their district.
  • Some students believe that the school should have officers present due to gang activity in the area.
  • Cervantes feels failed by the school and did not receive a call from the school when the incident happened.

Santa Rosa school stabbing: Victims’ relatives argue administration “failed” pupils on campus safety

Alexis Kearney, a parent, stated that the incident was every parent’s worst nightmare, and no parent should have to deal with school safety concerns.

Santa Rosa school stabbing
Montgomery high school stabbing Video
  • Kate Kearney, a nearby middle school student, called for an end to school violence and emphasized the importance of safety, respect, kindness, and staying away from violence.
  • The family identified the victim as Jayden Pienta, who was only 16 years old. This incident occurred less than three years after the Santa Rosa City School Board removed all school resource officers from the district.
  • Mary Gonnella, a former parent and neighbor of the school, suggests that a community connection is needed to engage with students and ensure safety.
  • School Board President Stephanie Manieri, who was on the board that voted to remove the school resource officers, acknowledges that different safety measures need to be considered and is open to conversations about school safety.
  • The district is currently working to improve safety and security measures for students when they return to school.
  • Manieri emphasizes the importance of listening to students and offering them the space to share, grieve, and hurt.
  • The police state that Pienta and his friend were stabbed during a fight when they went to confront a 15-year-old freshman in their class.

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